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Erica Chidi Cohen's work as a doula has informed Nurture, a beautiful pregnancy and birthing book for moms-to-be seeking a more holistic approach. This judgment-free pregnancy guide covers everything from trimester specific holistic remedies to fetal development to deciding whether to give birth at a hospital, home, or birthing center. As one of the leading midwives in the nation, Ina May Gaskin's Guide to TEENbirth features everything you could possibly want to know about delivering with a midwife, or without an epidural. Gaskin's guide empowers women to connect with their minds and bodies in order to have the best possible labor experience. Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay is the equivalent of talking about motherhood over drinks with your BFF. Wilder-Taylor's tell-it-like-it-is collection of short essays are wickedly funny and ideal for those nights when you really just need a laugh. Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers The Wisdom of French Parenting. The 25 Best Baby Books For New And Expecting Parents. Nurture: A Modern Guide To Pregnancy, Birth, And Early Motherhood. The Apple Watch Series 4 Is On Sale Now At Amazon. 'Shittens" Are About to Be a Parent's Best Friend. In her newest book, Cribsheet, Emily Oster is back with even more facts and data to dispel popular parenting "wisdom." Parents often find themselves overwhelmed with advice (solicited and unsolicited), so much so that making decisions can feel impossible. Oster aims to arm her readers with actual facts so they can better navigate questions surrounding breastfeeding, sleep training, potty training, language acquisition etc. After all, knowledge is power. The Mama Natural Week-By-Week Guide to Pregnancy And TEENbirth. The 5 Things That Surprised Me Most About Having a Baby. For the mama-to-be who wants to remember her pregnancy journey, this journal allows you to document your growing belly every step of the way. Organized according to trimester, The Belly Book has a dedicated place for belly photos and ultrasound images, as well as plenty of space to write about memorable milestones. 50 Things To Do Before You Deliver details exactly what expecting moms should do to get ready for the big day. Jill Krause has been there,done that—and her straight to the point, no BS approach to pregnancy will resonate with many moms-to-be. The 'GoT' Finale Is Filled with Plot Holes. Dads-to-be don't have to feel clueless or left out thanks to books like We're Pregnant!, which are geared specifically towards them. Author of the "Dad or Alive" blog and father of three, Adrian Kulp has been in the trenches himself, so he can give dads real-world advice on how to handle all four trimesters. Your partner may be reluctant to read it initially, but Kulp's humorous tone will surely win them over. A calm baby who sleeps well is every parent's dream, but unfortunately, it's not always a reality (yawn). In his best-selling book, pediatrician and sleep expert, Dr. Harvey Karp, MD, has cracked the crying code and shares his proven secrets for getting your baby to sleep soundly. 50 Things To Do Before You Deliver: The First Time Mom's Pregnancy Guide. If there's one thing everyone can agree on it's that, when it comes to raising a baby, you can always use a little extra help. Whether you're pregnant or dealing with a tantrum-throwing toddler (and another on the way), these books are essential resources to have around the house. 11 Reasons the World Cup Is Like Parenting. Heng Ou believes new moms need ample time (40 days to be exact) to recover after giving birth. So don't feel pressured to bounce back immediately. Instead, take your time perusing her book of 60 easy-to-follow recipes specially created to address your unique health needs during this time. Amazon Is Selling DIY Saunas for Your Backyard Now. The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide To Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions, And Restoring Your Vitality. Permission to Parent: How To Raise Your TEEN With Love And Limits.