Zenith console stereo model numbers

Ad No.: 329 - Subject: Murphy 146 - Posted on: 06/06/03. full working condition, all valves functional, just damage to cloth fascia to speaker - Offers please. This battery set Cossor melody maker still retains its model number plaque, Model 234. Untested but of good appearance in its original oak case. also have several other early battery sets and an early battery portable. Ad No.: 267 - Subject: old radio - Posted on: 05/12/03. Ad No.: 300 - Subject: Transformers - Posted on: 05/23/03. Ad No.: 391 - Subject: EVER READY "SKY KING" & GEC, BC-402 - Posted on: 07/03/03. This radio of excellent appearance in a rust and cream colour. Insde looks all complete and very clean but is untested.A must for collectors of these small portable radios. Marconi CR 100/2 Communications Set - Posted on: 06/09/03. Ad No.: 429 - Subject: Sell two radios - Posted on: 07/28/03. Ad No.: 378 - Subject: Regentone - Posted on: 06/30/03. Ad No.: 344 - Subject: HMV Transistor model 2170 - Posted on: 06/11/03. Ad No.: 371 - Subject: Searching for a scale of the Ekco A22 - Posted on: 06/26/03. Approx 140 radio valves, 1920s-1960s, plus some other interesting vintage components. Offers for the lot. Email for list. Located Shropshire. Must be collected - would rather keep them than pack for carrier!! 1940/1950 era. Mostly untested but in good clean condition. if interested please contact for further details. . I also have around 30 boxed untested ECC82 valves for disposal. Tel 01297 23357 or e mail. Recently acquired from a former dealer. In white boxes. Heaters ok but have no eqipment to test further,items appear to be in good clean condition. Phone 01297 23357 or e mail for any other info. Anyone interested in a Linear L 50 Amplifier, and/or a Sound City Concord amp,Dallas Arbiter. Both working, tteriffic output. E mail or phone 01297 23357. Ad No.: 393 - Subject: "His Master's Voice Model 163 Gramophone - Posted on: 07/04/03. Murphy 146 needs new home.Floor-standing,about 1949-50,buyer collects (obviously).Any reasonable offer.Spares or repair.Seems quite good condition but what do I know about radios! Ad No.: 250 - Subject: Great Game Products - Posted on: 05/06/03. Great piece of equipment.Looks in newish condition, work ok,with internal speaker. Ad No.: 375 - Subject: Murphy A484 Radio - Posted on: 06/28/03. Ever Ready "SKY KING" MW-LW in original condition, Valve battery portable from 1956. Ad No.: 303 - Subject: Murphy A36 Shortwave Tabletop - Posted on: 05/25/03.