Html drill down table

Note: This step will also add named ranges to your workbook, which you can see in the Name Manager. (optional) Paste the copied code onto the worksheet module for any other pivot tables in your workbook. if (theChecked == true) { theDisplay = ""; } else { theDisplay = "none"; } for (var i = 1;;i++) { // Check if the getElementById method is available if (document.getElementById) { theNode = document.getElementById(theWhat+i); /* alert(theNode); */ if (theNode == null) { return; } } else if (document.all) { // The alert lets me verify that I tested the path. alert("Running an older version of IE." + " May not be able to hide rows"); theNode = document.all[theWhat+i]; if (theNode == null) { return; } } else { alert("Cannot change visibility of the display element." + " Was " + theWhat); return; }. In my case, when a user clicks on a bar chart1, it should give 3 hyperlinks option to the user (as you have explained above), based on user selection respective bar chart2 should open. further, when clicked on bar chart2, a detailed tabular report should open. Now I want to know -. Shashank -- Start a new thread. Don't ask a new question in a closed thread. created by the Show Details feature, so they are easy to identify. This is standard Filter Action functionality. You tell the Action which Field(s) from "this-sheet" should be used to govern the filter of "that-sheet". The sheets can be from the same dashboard, or from different dashboards. As per usual I'll use my standard set to show in the table, but in this case only three of the five columns will be shown by default - the remaining information will be shown in the details display. Note also that there is a spare column at the start of the table which is used for the show / hide details row that the end user can click on to control the display. Double-click a pivot table value, to create a new sheet with the records used in that total. That is Excel's DrillDown (Show Details) feature. Use macros to name the sheets, and ask if you want to delete them when closing the workbook. Procedure Syntax PROC FORMAT Statement EXCLUDE Statement INVALUE Statement PICTURE Statement SELECT Statement VALUE Statement. But if you only use IE then the above will work ok. the workbook. These are the 15 new customers from the East region in 2014. OR, download the Multi-Pivot sample file, with the code on the ThisWorkbook module. Using a Format to Create Drill-down Text in an HTML Table. As usual there is a thread in the forum for comments and discussion on this post. Re: Click on line chart to see detail in table. HTML destination so that future output does not overwrite the HTML. That makes it easy for you identify and delete those sheets. Or, use the. DataTables provides two API methods to attach a details row to a parent in the table; fnOpen to show the extra data and its reciprocal fnClose to remove it. The data which is shown in the details row can be more or less whatever you wish as fnOpen will accept a DOM node or HTML string. In this example I'll show an inner table being used which is animated open and closed. After you copy all the code, and the Admin_Drill sheet (Custom file), close the Visual Basic Editor. (optional) Paste the code onto all the other pivot table sheets in your workbook. To use the times tables follow this guide:. Select the times tables you want to try. Once you have completed all the questions press the OK Done button. Then do more ( the test is always different! ), or come back here and choose another table. Use the drop down boxes and select the one you think is the correct answer.


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